Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

We produce 100% cold-pressed premium grade extra virgin coconut oil using centrifugal- fermentation process that are good for external and internal usage

Private Label

We provide Private Label for our VCO. We entertain all customization and preferences from customers.

Customization for Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Product

RVCOMS provide raw extra virgin coconut oil with customization bottles without labels

about US


RVCOMS (Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Supplier) is a company in Malaysia, known as Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) supplier. We, RVCOMS, supply genuine extra virgin coconut oil to customers or producers who use extra virgin coconut oil as one of the ingredients to produce their product.

As a EVCO supplier, we always ensure that our products meet international quality standards by optimizing quality in the EVCO production process, trained worker, and skilled operational staff team through a special work quality assurance system.


Extra Virgin coconut oil is a continuous sources. Extra Virgin coconut is a raw materials that always available for us to use. For sure, coconut tree doesn’t need specific farm to obtain a quality coconut. This is because Asia are known as country of hot and damp climate, therefore there will be no problem for us to get high quality of coconut for our sources to produce EVCO by using technology that always maintain the quality of our EVCO product.


We are ready to share the benefits of our EVCO products throughout the world and across the market place as long as EVCO requests are always there. We also excited to joined in educate public about the greatness of the EVCO so that the public realise the use of supplements from natural resources can be enjoyed by all ages.

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