Arenga Palm Sugar

RVCOMS SDN BHD are welcoming for traders to try and resell our Arenga Palm Sugar. Arenga Palm is a tropical Asian palms and have berrylike fruits. We supply premium grade Arenga palm sugar. Arenga Sugar (Arenga Pinnata) is a multipurpose palm species from which a variety of foods and beverages, timber commodities, bio fibres, biopolymers and bio composites can be produced. Our Arenga sugar products have been exported to many countries because we have high quality products and we also offer lower prices.

We provide Arenga palm sugar of various types of smoothness, moisture, etc. in accordance with the request of each of our clients.

 For details and prices about our Arenga Palm Sugar please contact our RVCOMS SDN BHD  representatives

Searching for substitute of regular sugar ? Try Arenga Palm Sugar. Contact us below for inquiries.