12 Profitable Business Opportunities in Malaysia 2020

12 Profitable Business Opportunities in Malaysia 2020

Looking for the best business opportunities in Malaysia you can start this year?

There are several business ideas, which are making money now, and you can ride the wave without thinking too much about what business you can start.

We will cover the business’ uniqueness, risks involved and starting capital.

Let’s dive right in.

1) Repairing Services – Smartphone and Personal Computer 

Capital cost: RM 400 – RM 20,000

This business only requires minimum investment and little repairing skill as a starter pack.

Ensure you have enough tools to start up this repairing service, as each device requires different types and amount of tools. 

– The unique aspect about this business:

If you start with a good or popular brand device, you may only require minimal parts and tools and little experience to fix them. 

Somehow, the money that you can make from one or two repair devices can easily increase your revenue.

– The risky aspect about this business:

You should know that the repair industry is a very repetitive working environment, as you have to repair the same devices a couple of times without losing your sanity. 

It requires a lot of patience and good marketing to be the top of your repair job.

2) Drop shipping Business on Online Stores

Capital cost: RM 100 – RM 10,000

This is suitable for people who are seeking a low-cost method business where you do not require opening a physical store nor designing their own website to start selling your products or services.

When it comes to drop shipping, you do not need to spend money on the products which you are not sure will sell or not. 

It is also unnecessary for you to keep the products in your inventory, as you only make a sale on behalf of your main supplier products.

– The unique aspect about this business: 

You do not have to invest money on making a proper ecommerce website, for advertisement.

– The risky aspect about this business:

You will face competitors not only from the local sellers but also from other countries. This requires your time and effort to stay competitive with other sellers.

On the side note, if you want to know the best dropship suppliers in Malaysia, try to check out bloggersideas.

3) Custom T-Shirt Printing Business

Capital cost: RM 4,000 – RM 40,000

If you are a creative person, good in designing, have specialized pieces of equipment, then you are good to proceed on this business. 

You may do this as a home-based job or having a physical store. It can turn out as independent stores or kiosks that are located in malls or public areas. 

– The unique aspect about this business: 

The demand for printing T-shirts are high, and launching for them is inexpensive and quick.

– The risky aspect about this business:

You will definitely face stiff competitors from the other vendors, who have a better brand, designs, quality T-shirts and marketing strategy in the market.

If you are new to this T-shirt printing business, you might want to read further on how to get started.

4) Build a Software as a Service (SaaS) Business

Capital cost: RM 200,000 – RM 3,000, 000

This job suits the people who are good at problem-solving tasks and definitely have product-design experiences. 

You would offer cloud software services to your clients and they pay you the access fee – as in monthly or yearly payment. 

– The unique aspect about this business: 

If this software services business thrives, you may earn a recurring income in the long-term period.

The risky aspect about this business:

It is a competitive business because you are competing to keep your clients under you, as the clients tend to not sticking on one and keep changing vendors within a short period of time.

If you are interested about SaaS business, check out this 10 popular SaaS examples

5) Build Your Own E-Commerce Store

Capital cost: RM 2,000 – RM 15,000

All you need to do is to have your own website, design and market them according to your target customers. Here are steps in setting up an online store.

You are going to spend a couple of hours online to make money by selling the products (that you had bought) on your website at a higher price. Hence, the profit is yours!

– The unique aspect about this business: 

You have flexible hours to edit, design your website and market them online to customers.

With the right target customers and the right selling products, you can make huge money without extra overhead.

– The risky aspect about this business:

You may have difficulty identifying the right products to sell and have to compete with the other online sellers with the same selling products.

6) Photography Service

Capital cost: RM 400 – RM 2,000

If you already have photography skills that are sellable, you may provide your services to any customers out there. 

All you need is a good camera to start up this business photography service.

– The unique aspect about this business: 

It does not require much cost to invest on and you are paid according to your work is done. It is a flexible hour’s job.

– The risky aspect about this business:

Unstable job. The photography jobs are not always available in the markets unless there are special occasions who need their special event photographer.

Thus, here are some tips on maximizing your income as a photographer.

7) Airbnb Services

Capital cost: RM 5,000 – RM 35,000

This service works when someone books your place on Airbnb, which cost varies according to your assets. 

You are on advantage side if you already have existing properties, where you can earn more than only collecting the rental income. 

– The unique aspect about this business: 

You can make more money when investing on a property and sub-letting your property out on Airbnb, than having your property renting to people on a monthly or yearly basis. 

– The risky aspect about this business:

It is quite risky because you are letting the strangers enter your property and if you are not taking any precautions on keeping your higher value items hidden, you may lose more than gains. 

You might want to explore more on how to become an Airbnb host as your job opportunity.

8) YouTube Content Producer

Capital cost: RM 2,000 – RM 50,000

If you are one of those creative and chatterbox types of person, this definitely the most suitable job for you. 

First, you need to create a YouTube channel to brand your YouTube page. Then, find some contents or any subjects while doing the challenging part, recording and editing the videos. 

With the best video content, your video may reach a number of views and you will get paid by the Google AdSense, or paid through the product reviews.

– The unique aspect about this business:

If you monetized your channel, you will gain money back from ad revenue. Thus, the viewers should proceed watching those ads without pressing the skip button.

– The risky aspect about this business:

Although you often upload new videos in the channel, not all your videos may go hits, unless your content videos are approaching on the hot topic or current world issue.

You do not have consistent money income monthly or yearly.

However, you still can earn your income without millions of subscribers. Read this article for further information.

9) Social Media Content Manager

Capital cost: RM 200 – RM 130,000

You are playing an important responsibility for curating a brand’s social channel, where you help in responding to comments, compile campaigns and create content on social media platforms.

The content topics must reach the company’s target customers.

You should be aware of your competitors’ doing, be an expert on the social channels and at least, have the basic skill of writing skills and graphic design too for published content.

– The unique aspect about this business:

It is a valuable job for a small business’ marketing and may help the business operations to improve in a variety of ways.

– The risky aspect about this business:

It is tougher to make money for the long-term period as there are more people working to build large on the social media platforms too.

10) Resume Writer

Capital cost: RM 100 – RM 2,000

Ensure yourself to expert in designing the professional resumes according to clients’ preference and background.

– The unique aspect about this business:

There are plenty of types of resumes, in which each resume has its own standard prices. You may earn more if you do packages on different levels of the client’s experiences in years.

– The risky aspect about this business:

It is an unstable job to pursue as a long-term career, as you may struggle to keep afloat from month to month.

You can sign up as freelancer resume writer on these sites:

11) Graphic Designer

Capital cost: RM 8,000 – RM 40,000

The people who suit the best in this business are someone who never learns to stop seeking new knowledge and improve skills, as they need to portray first impressions to each of their first clients.

If you want to look professional, build a website to portray all of your work pieces (portfolio). You may be active on other social sites too, as your other marketing strategy and approaching a variety of clients.

– The unique aspect about this business:

The more experience or skilful you are, the higher you will earn for your work. If you already create a long time business relationship with loyal customers, you may have returning customers, which makes your life easier.

– The risky aspect about this business:

If you are doing as a freelancer, you have to work extra in finding the clients, as there are many skilful competitors for you to compete in this industry.

12) Website Designer / Website Developer

Capital cost: RM 20,000 – RM 120,000

Becoming one of the website designers, you will need to have a budget and do simple investment on building the website, including domain name and web hosting. 

Your portfolio should follow all trends and seek the projects according to your target business clients.

– The unique aspect about this business:

If you are able to create magnificent designs and some good developers to work on it, you never have to worry about money again

– The risky aspect about this business:

You might face difficulties on some parts while meeting clients’ unruly expectations. You may have to work on the weekend.

There you have it, 12 profitable business opportunities in Malaysia that you can consider to take part in and money from it.

Despite which job opportunity that you have decided to involve in, the most crucial thing is to find and discover which one of those business opportunities suits you the most.

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