Can You Cook With MCT Oil?

Can You Cook With MCT Oil?

Having to use MCT oil in daily consumption prompts a question such as “Can you cook with MCT oil?”

You will find the answer in this article. Not only you’ve been browsing MCT oil on any ingredients, but you tried to find out how to use it for cooking.

Look no further because this article shows you what’s what of how MCT oil can change your diet.

Wait, What’s MCT Oil?

Before we can start with the big questions, let’s start with the basics. In the simplest way, MCT oil is a supplement that involves plenty of fats and is believed to have many health advantages.

It is a man made through a process called fractionation. It involves extraction and separation of MCTs from coconut or palm kernel oil.

The MCT oil is a highly concentrated source of medium chain triglycerides that have two primary purposes, an energy burning or retained as fat in the body.

The name of triglycerides are known for their chemical structure, which is primarily for the length of their fatty acid chains – composed of a mixture of glycerol and three fatty acids.

In general, MCT oil contains either 100% caprylic acid (C8), 100% capric acid (C10) or can be a combination of both.

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MCT Oil VS Coconut Oil

MCT oil is just not the same with coconut oil. It is refined coconut oil, unlike coconut oil, that is extracted from fresh coconut.

Coconut oil has a long history of traditional use where it is suitable for cooking, baking and body care. 

Meanwhile, MCT oil is favoured by most keto dieters and biohacker. It is best to make desserts, coffee energy supplements too.

Many are prescribed to promote MCT oil as better than coconut oil because caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) are thought to be more rapidly processed and extracted for energy, compared to lauric acid (C12).

You should know coconut oil rich in its coconut taste and has quality fats. Not just that, it also has versatile uses for any purposes, including acts as antiviral and antibacterial products.

But MCT oil somehow aids to boost a person’s energy, enhance in fat burning, provide brain fuel, reduces sugar craving and many more.

Benefits of MCT Oil In Your Cooking

If you are still not convinced to start using MCT oil, maybe this will change your mind.

1) Weight Loss with MCT Oil

Due to high release of two hormones, peptide YY and leptin that induce a sensation of fullness for your body. 

This was supported by researchers that stated consuming MCT oil causes energy burning and ketone production in the body. It is weight and appetite control.

2) Instant Energy Source That Can Also Charge Your Brain

MCTs easily travel straight from the intestine to the liver without being broken down because of their short chain length and can be used as an immediate source of energy.

These ketones that are converted by MCTs pass through a blood barrier, making them a reliable source of energy for the brain cells.

3) Fatty Acids That Can Fight Yeast and Bacterial Growth

MCTs are known to minimize the production of common yeast, Candida Albicans and bacteria, Clostridium Difficile which induce thrush and various skin illnesses. 

The ability of coconut oil to inhibit yeast and bacterial growth can be due to caprylic, capric and lauric acid in MCTs.

4) Reduce Risk of Diseases

MCT oil is shown to promote weight and loss of fat. In turn, it helps minimize risk of heart disease

MCT oil has better drops in LDL or poor cholesterol and better rises in HDL production, when MCT oil mixture has been added to the diet.

5) Control Blood Sugar Levels and Support Diabetes Management

It showed that MCTs minimize fat storage and enhance the fat burning.

The study portrayed that those diabetes people who used MCT oil daily had substantial reductions in their body weight, waist circumference and insulin resistance.

This proves that MCT oil aids to sustain normal blood sugar levels when people consume MCTs.

How Can I Use To Cook?

Some MCT oil on cold or warm meals is the way to go to ensure you don’t ruin the oil and to stay within the recommended daily limits.

Here’s some idea of how you can include MCT oil in your cooking.

  • Sprinkle on Finished Dish

MCT oil is not required to heat directly over fire but this oil does need to be added on the cooked meal. 

This way, you are adding MCT to warm meal without having to heat the oil. You may drizzle MCT oil into your milkshakes, cereal, dressings and other meals too.

  • MCT with Some Sweeties

Do not necessarily require high temperature or consume a lot of baking time when you are making your keto dessert.

Eventually, baking does not raise the desert core temperature above 160F, even if you set the oven to 350F. 

For instance, a baked good that include MCT oil are keto cheesecake, cookies, muffins and custard.

  • Sauté Lightly

Sautéing is one of cooking technique where the food is cooked shortly in a pan, involving a small amount of oil and merely over medium-high heat. 

Danger will follow once the oil is reaching high temperatures during the sautéing process. Be extra careful and look out for the smoke too. 

Once your oil begins to smoke, throw it away and cook the food in cleared butter or even in olive oil. Addition, you can sauté onions for the recipe of soup and sauces.

In summary, MCT oil eventually is a perfect oil product for a variety of things.

It is an ideal way to boost ketone production, minimize appetite, enhance loss of weight, raise energy levels and optimize mental and physical health of someone. 

Yes, you can cook with MCT Oil but it is not that good for all types of cooking methods. However, addition of MCT oil to your diet may be worth a try.

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