Coconut Sugar: Everything You Need To Know

Coconut Sugar: Everything You Need To Know

Coconut sugar is increasingly becoming a healthier option for a natural sweetener. As a result, people turn to it as a substitute for white sugar.

Although there is a lot of discussion around the topic, many are unaware of its origin, benefits and consumption.

In this article, we discuss how it is made, the type of sugar, and where to get the certified organic coconut sugar manufacturer in Malaysia.

What is Coconut Sugar?

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Coconut sugar is also referred to coconut palm sugar or coconut flower nectar in its liquid form. 

But, people easily confuse coconut sugar with palm sugar. Both of them are closely identical but derived from a different kind of palm tree.

This refined sugar is produced from coconut palm sap which is the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant. It is claimed to be a healthy alternative sweetener to other sugar types. 

It has also been said to be more nutritious and lower than sugar in the glycemic index. If you have diabetes, this effectively helps you in managing it thoroughly.

However, it is still crucial for people to understand more about it before they start to consume them to replace other sugars and to fulfil their cravings in a guilt-free way.

How Coconut Sugar Is Made?

It is derived from coconut trees that grow in tropical and subtropical regions. The coconut tree sap is taken from the flowers. 

To harvest the coconut palm sap, the farmers cut the flower buds of the tree to allow the nectar to flow out. 

To make the coconut flower nectar, blend the sap with water and boil it in syrup.

Thus, the sap is put in a large wok, heat and the foam forming at the top of the liquid is removed. Eventually, the sap begins to change colour from translucent to dark brown. 

Coconut sugars are sold in varieties of forms and different ways, but most commonly is granulated like cane sugar. It variants such as light or dark granules. 

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What Does it Taste Like?

Coconut nectar sugar does not taste anything like the fruit of coconut itself. The taste is very much subtly sweet, almost like a mild caramel flavour, maple sugar or brown sugar. 

Coconut sugars appear to be a light brown colour with an identical texture to brown sugar. 

But since it is not highly processed, the colour, sweetness and flavour may vary depending on coconut species used, or season when it was harvested. 

This type of sugar does make an ideal substitute for baked goods due to its granular consistency and mild flavour. 

It also melts and mixes in the same way as cane sugar. This sugar substitute works very well to make baked cookies, cakes and any sweet food.

Sugar Types in Coconut Sugar

type of sugar

Both coconut palm sugar and regular cane sugar are primarily of sugar, which is basic carbohydrates. They consist of the same significant amount of calories and carbohydrates.

The sugars provide the body vital energy but you should not consume in large quantities, as it might be harmful.

  • Fructose

Fructose is a sugar that naturally presents in fruit, including coconut. Since fruits consist of carbohydrates, you need to control the intake for diabetes management.

Fructose has been added to sweetener by the food manufacturer, in which it also has become ingredients for processed food. 

You may find fructose present in fruits, agave nectar syrup, high fructose corn syrup and any foods with added sugars. 

However, some experts claimed that fructose can cause problems if you consume them in high doses of fructose sugar.  

This might expose someone to have a risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

  • Glucose

It does contain a small quantity of glucose that can be consumed by people. 

However, eating more glucose causes a high chance for someone to experience a sudden spike in the blood sugar level. Consume glucose merely in moderate amounts.

  • Sucrose

It is said that processed foods, desserts and beverages are the food that presents a high amount of sucrose.

Based on research, coconut palm sugar contains 70-80% sucrose although it is likely to be known as less sucrose compared to other sugars. 

Coconut palm sugar will break down to glucose and fructose components during the digestion in the body. But, it eventually will break down too, due to any heating on it.

Is Coconut Sugar A Better Option?

Refined white sugar and high fructose syrup undergo intensive processing. Therefore, most of the important nutrients are deprived due to the processing reason. 

On the other hand, coconut sugar undergoes very little processing. Thus, it is safe to say that it does retain some of its nutrients; natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

But, such nutrients are doubtful to have an impact on the body unless you consume coconut sugar in massive amounts. This gain will be outweighed by all the sugar you will end up eating.

Meanwhile, for honey, it consists of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids which are also known for its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

As for the coconut sugar case, you will require to consume more honey to completely harness the benefits, which until the point it outweighs the high caloric acid and sugar content.


Nevertheless, sugar is sugar regardless of the name, shape, type or form in which it appears to be. 

Though the coconut keeps more vitamins and nutrients than other refined sugars, it still consists of the same calorie and sugar content as any other sugar on the market. 

If you have decided to find in the replacement of white sugar, you may do so sparingly and in moderation. 

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