Coconut Water

Since centuries ago, South East Asian people especially in Malaysia are well known for using coconut water which consumed by people because it is fresh and tastes good. The usage of coconut water are well known from last hundreds of years. RVCOMS SDN BHD willing to share the greatness and health benefits of coconut water. Coconut water are known to be able to treat several types of diseases and poisoning. Based on research, coconut water is very healthy because it contains various nutrients and vitamins. The electrolytes that contained inside the coconut water can use to treat diarrhoea and also to replenish body from dehydration.  In Malaysia it is enjoyable to consume directly from the coconut fruit. Today, coconut water is becoming a commodity with high selling value in the world.

RVCOMS SDN BHD are one of the coconut water supplier. Our coconut water had been export to the world our and processed under the guidance of skilled professionals using ultra-modern technology and optimum quality coconut as per the set industry norms. Our coconut water is packed from carefully selected nuts. The coconut water is filtered fat separated by physical means, aseptically processed packed into carton or high barrier aseptic bags. We sell bulk coconut water in 20l until 200l packaging. Coconut water need to store in a room temperature and must avoid from direct sunlight. Contact us for more information on Coconut Water Supply!

Try our coconut water we are offering OEM and bulk purchase, safe, healthy and clean for your consumptions. contact us for business opportunity