Crude Coconut Oil (CNO) is also known as “industrial grade oil”. Actually, CNO is an end-product of squeezing the oil from Copra (dried coconut meat) by the use of expeller press and then refined to eliminate impurities/contaminants. Prior to extraction, the copra is to achieve moisture content of 6-8%.

Coconut Oil have Free Fatty Acid (FFA) of >0.1% so it cannot be directly consumed by humans. So, please use crude coconut oil for external uses only, the moisture level are more than 0.1% so it is great for moisturizing the skin and lubrication purpose. Also it has the attribute of being mild on the skin. It can also be used as cleansing agent and protection against the sun. Therefore, it is often used as raw material for oleochemicals, manufacturing soap, shampoo, and cosmetics products.


Coconut oil also characterized by high saturated fat content. Compared to other edible oils, it oxidizes more slowly, which is why it does not spoil easily. However, without refinement, as is the case with crude coconut oil, its shelf life is lower. The color and odour of crude coconut oil also makes it unsuitable for use in cosmetics or food. It has other beneficial uses in non-food industries. Crude coconut oil contains small amounts of crude fiber and trace metals such as iron, lead and copper. It is high in lauric acid, which is used in many commercial products as antimicrobial agents.

Recently, its use as a biodiesel engine fuel on several studies. Further research is also being done to know more about the potential of coconut oil as a fuel for electricity generation. RVCOMS Sdn. Bhd. also look forward to innovative ways of utilizing crude coconut oil based on research and development in the future.

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