Naturally process without the use of heat and other chemicals. It Contains at least 9 different Fatty Acid (Medium-Chain Fatty Acis). Includes, Caproic, Capric, Lauric, Myristic, Stearic, Oleic and Linoleic. Scientific research shows that it is useful for human health. Virgin Coconut Oil contains 62%  MCFA (Medium-Chain- Fatty Acids) that will transform into energy by the enzymes Selvia that located in the hearts as energy. It does not turn into LDL Cholestrol (Low-Density Lipoprotein). Expert said that MCFA could fight dangerous  virus and bacteria such as SARS, HIV and others.



From pure coconut oil

made from fresh coconut

without any gluten added

without any additional diaries fats

without animal fat









It is important for consumer to know what coconut oil is.

Virgin coconut oil are originated from and be used in tropical country’s such as Thailand and Philippines. The virgin coconut oil begin to know and become popular in western countries such as USA and Canada. In the year of 1900’s, coconut oil has been seen as dangerous product through a propaganda campaign that has been spread by corn oil and soybean industry. Through this propaganda, coconut oil are been seen as oil that contains too much saturated fats and therefore in the year of 2000’s, people are questioning the benefits and quality of coconut oil.

Through an articles and based on research, coconut oil nowadays has been seen as one of main trending on giving the best health benefits to human body. Example of health benefits including hair care, skin care, relieve stress and maintain cholesterol levels, dietary supplements for weight loss, controlling body metabolism and many more. This is because virgin coconut oil contains ‘lauric acid’ which is our body needs it. Therefore, applying extra virgin coconut oil, human body can change the ‘lauric acid’ to monolaurin which can help the body to prevent any of virus and bacteria such as influenza, herpes, HIV and etc.

When buying coconut oil, it is important for consumer to know types of coconut oil based on its function. You have to be careful on the coconut oil that will be used because there are different types of coconut oil in the market.


  1. Cooking: Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil
  2. Lose weight: Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Supplement: Virgin Coconut Oil
  4. Massage: Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. Hair: Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil
  6. Medical: Virgin Coconut Oil


• Our VCO can be included into preparation ingredient of yogurt, smoothie or juice for drinks. It takes only 1 tea spoon (large) in each of preparation of your foods or beverages
• Can be mix with 1 tea spoon (small) into coffee or tea with sugar
• Can be used in cooking as for substitute to others cooking oil such as fried rice, pasta, salad or in any of your preparation for foods


• As for additional to massage oil and balm
• Can be used to apply it on your face or skin before shave
• Apply it on your body skin and nails
• Can be used for skin treatment and for quicken process of wound healing
• Can be used for hair oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is an oil that has many uses and benefits to humans. VCO are produced from fresh coconut milk, coconut flesh or coconut waste. VCO are not only give benefits to eating habits, in fact VCO also give a pleasant fragrance, rich in antioxidant and have refreshing taste.

VCO are extracted from coconut flesh without using heat elements. The calories in VCO are very healthy fat. This fat is not only protects the human organs but also serves to maintain the body temperature.

One large table spoon of VCO contains 13.5 gram total of healthy fat. It caused each of the fat contains 9 calories, consumer will get 120 calories from one large table spoon of virgin coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been recognized as health oil since 4,000 years ago. Its greatness in terms of protecting skin and using in preparing foods can’t be denied. Until now, most people are competing one another to ensure health as their priority in their daily life. Moreover, health also become priority for them to ensure their quality of life because it can brings happiness and can be enjoyed it with their love ones.

The world modern research nowadays has proven that the natural nutrimental value in coconut oil are definitely gives many benefits to human health if it is made as healthy lifestyle.

In RVCOMS we always ensure EVCO product that we supplied to our customer are EVCO that has been extracted by using “COLD PRESS” technique to ensure our EVCO are able to maintain its uniqueness and the benefits of the coconut oil.

Our goals are to share greatness and benefits of EVCO in daily life routine as our priority in order to spread the benefits of happiness that can be enjoyed by all ages in society.


EVCO could be a hair conditioner. Vco also could be as a makeup remover, makeup brush cleaner and reducing stretchmarks, also useful for shaving cream, lip gloss and natural lip moisturizer.


EVCO had its own use from medicinal side. for example, uses of EVCO could bring a good night sleep, stabilizes hormonal, could be as a ‘supplement’ for fat reduction, stabilizes sugar level in blood, fight inflammation, strengthening body immunity, stabilizes cholestrol level, avoid the growth of pimple and freckles, reducing eczema, relieves pain from wound, also useful antiseptic.


EVCO could be a substitute to butter, cooking spray, creamer for coffee and topping for popcorn and bake potatoes, and also could be used as a natural lozenges.

Nature has provided a perfect alternative to healthy skin through pure and fresh virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil has been used for the past thousand years medically and it is a better choice than petroleum-based product.

The magic produced by coconut oil are taken as supplement and used it directly to the skin has proven that coconut oil are truly give big impact and magic to the human. Virgin coconut oil are not only help to reduce belly fats and help to reduce the desire for unhealthy foods but it can act as a moisturizer for all skin types. Based on the research, it shows that the ability of coconut oil is to heal the wound, treating dermatitis and also as replacement of acne antibiotic treatment.

Coconut oil helps to cleanse all dead skin cells and also can be combined with coconut crystals, sea salt or other natural exfoliation for make a facial scrub that is very useful and be able to make skin become soft and clean. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy costly product when you only have to use coconut oil as an effective product.

The virgin coconut oil fatty acids act to protect and heal wounds on the skin at the same time. Virgin coconut oil also can act as an effective sunscreen and it blocks 20% harmful radiation.


The nutrients contained in virgin coconut oil are able to give all these nutrients directly into human skin compared to mineral oil products that prevent the skin and do not provide any nutrient benefits to humans.  If you want to use extra virgin coconut oil as moisturizer, make sure you start with a very small amount. If you put too much on your skin, it may cause you to feel uncomfortable and hinder your desire to use it as a skin moisturizer. Virgin coconut oil also very safe for children of all ages including baby and can help to cure diapers rashes in a short time.

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Mineral oil is an odourless and colourless material made from petroleum jelly. It is found in a variety of different products such as baby lotion, ointment, hydraulic fluid, wood preservative, pesticide, facial cream, and also electric transformers. Before synthetic oils are created, mineral oils are mainly used as lubricants for mechanical parts and machines requiring sliding motion. Research from ‘The Environmental Working Group’ stated that mineral oil contains
aromatic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). When it’s used on the skin, mineral oil are only able to store and maintain the area used to be moist but the sealed mineral oil cannot penetrate the skin and even prevent the skin from breathing.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it plays an important role in removal of toxin. If the skin does not breathe, it cannot do its job and human health will experience its consequences. The layers of the human body that use unrefined mineral oils are similar as wrapping themselves with plastic wrap. In addition, mineral oil also attracts moisture from the skin that can cause skin cell renewal to slow down and make collagen breaks down. Moreover, it will destroys connective tissue and can lead to premature aging.

There are over 4,000 published studies that link to the use of mineral oil back to a negative health condition. According to ‘Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, UCLA’, employees working in aerospace manufacturing are very vulnerable to mineral oil, are at higher risk and die from lung cancer, melanoma, and oesophageal cancer and stomach cancer of the lymphoma problem and are prone to leukaemia.