Is MCT Oil Good For You?

Is MCT Oil Good For You?

Most people who practise the keto diet will use MCT oil for daily consumption. It is derived from palm and coconut and is high in good saturated fat. You can cook or bake with it. However, for others they might wonder, is MCT oil good? How to use MCT oil?

To answer that question, we will look into the benefits and side effects of MCT oil in this article.

What Is MCT Oil?

Before getting into the definition of MCT oil, you must first know what is MCT which is an abbreviation for Medium-chain triglycerides. They are a type of fat that can be found in coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

Triglyceride is basically the technical term for fat which has two main functions that are either to be burned for energy or to be stored as body fat.

MCT is metabolised in a different way compared to long-chain triglycerides (LCT) which is found in most foods. Most of the fat in your usual diet is made of long-chain fatty acids which are made of 13 to 21 carbons atoms.

However, the medium-chain fatty acids in MCT are made of only 6 to 12 carbon atoms. Even then, a number of experts have argued that only Capra fatty acids (C6, C8, C10) are suitable to be considered as MCT while lauric acid (C12) is not as suitable.

MCT oil is commercially made through a procedure called fractionation where MCT from the coconut or palm kernel oil is extracted. This supplement normally consists of fully caprylic acid (C8), or fully capric acid (C10), or the combination of both.

Caproic acid (C6) is usually excluded as it has uninviting taste and smell while lauric acid (C12) is commonly absent or is only present in small amounts. Many sides still debate whether C12 helps or worsens the quality of MCT oils.

Various experts have argued that MCT oil is better compared to coconut oil, which the main element is lauric acid. This is because C8 and C10 are claimed to be able to absorb and be processed for energy faster than C12.

What Are The Benefits of MCT Oil?

By now, you would already know that there are quite a lot of potential advantages of MCT oil and even though some of these benefits are yet to be proven, some others do have support with scientific evidence.

Some of the potential boons of MCT oil are as follows:

1. Better brain and memory function

Some research has found that MCT oil can offer assistance with neurological problems such as in thinking, memory, or judgement such as Alzheimer’s. 

According to a review in 2016, three studies have concluded that the brain has more positive reactions with ketones compared to with glucose. It also noted that ketosis has a subtle beneficial effect on thinking capability for Alzheimer’s patients.

Ketosis is the situation when the brain produces energy using ketones instead of using glucose.

2. Energy boost and increased endurance

The consumers of MCT oil said that the supplement can help to improve a person’s energy and endurance when they work out.

This is backed by a study in 2009 when they found that by eating food that is rich in MCT instead of LCT has improved recreational athletes’ tolerance in high-intensity exercise.

3. Weight loss and improved weight management

One of the most popularly claimed benefits of MCT oil is that it aids with weight loss and even though there is no concrete proof that it does directly, there are several studies that could prove that it does help.

A 2003 study has found that MCT increases the amount of calories and fat that overweight men burnt and said that it can be of assistance to prevent obesity and aid with weight loss.

A study in 2014 has found that MCT helps to improve the creation of appetite-reducing hormones which makes a person feel full for a longer time compared to with LCT. This proves that it does impact in helping with weight loss and management.

4. Lowered blood sugar levels

MCT oil might also help to enhance blood sugar level and thus have a potential role in diabetes management as a study in 2007 found that MCT can help with diabetes risk factors such as insulin resistance, trim body fat, and can help you to think better.

5. Help with seizures

Studies have shown that a diet with high-fat ketogenic can help with seizures and it may also aid children with epilepsy that do not react well to drug treatment.

It might also be easier for children to use the keto diet with MCT instead of LCT if they have issues with fat. This is because MCT oil and keto is a very good combination to practice according to several experts.

What Are the MCT Oil Side Effects?

Many agreed that MCT oil is generally safe for most people and although it is not advised to be used excessively as it can cause several discomforts, there are currently no reported serious after-effects. 

Several effects that have been reported that can be caused by MCT oil are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomachache. This might happen to new consumers as their stomach is still not used to the element.

However, this can easily be dodged by starting slow (1 teaspoon) and make your way up from there. Once your stomach is used to it, there shall be no problem in consuming it.

Several parties would oppose the idea of type 1 diabetes patients from consuming MCT as it comes with the production of ketones which can cause ketoacidosis, a very serious state that might happen in type 1 diabetics.

However, the situation of nutritional ketosis due to a low-carb diet is totally different from diabetic ketoacidosis which is a very serious occurrence caused by lack of insulin.

For people with well-controlled diabetes and normal blood sugar levels, ketone will remain at a safe level even during ketosis.

Although there are only a few studies done on MCT and type 1 diabetes, they have concluded that there are no harmful effects. 


From all that has been said above, it is safe to conclude that to consume MCT oil sure has various benefits and even though they might not be dramatic, it is definitely worth a try. 

So what are you waiting for? With all the mentioned benefits of MCT oil, you should definitely give it a try now.

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