Organic MCT Oil: Your Key To A Healthy Lifestyle

Organic MCT Oil: Your Key To A Healthy Lifestyle

Want to be healthier with organic MCT oil? Read this first to know why you need to start including it in your diet.

You’ve probably heard it or and over, organic is the way to go when you want to be healthier. Another way is to obey the food pyramid. 

From fibre to fats, they all have their own quantity that are essential for trillions of cells for optimal function of our brain, immune system and hormones. 

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But is there any source for you to get healthy fat that is organic? According to the food pyramid, one fat that can be added is oil. 

Most experts now are switching to whole-food fats like organic MCT oil or coconut oil that has MCTs. 

Is this a coincidence? Of course not. It is based on scientific claims.

Some of the claims may sound magical but in this article, we will explain with expert views – how your life will be improved with organic MCT oils.

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides – a super-special type of fats (or fatty acids) that are six to 12 carbons in length.

4 Different Types Of MTCs (And Their Length)

The main function of MCTs is to create ketones. Some sort of energy molecules are considered a better source of energy for your body.

1. Capronic acid: 6 carbons (C6)

A compound that defines MCT oil has a distinct taste. This type of fatty acids makes up 1% of MCT in coconut oil and the quickest to convert to ketones.

2. Caprylic acid: 8 carbons (C8)

The type of acid that makes up 12% of MCT in coconut oil.

It helps maintain a healthy stomach because of the strong antimicrobial and bacterial properties. It converts rapidly into ketones in your liver.

3. Capric acid: 10 carbons (C10)

A little slower than caprylic acid to convert into ketones and mostly makes up 10% of MCTs in coconut oil.

4. Lauric acid: 12 carbons (C12)

77% of MCTs in coconut oil is lauric acid. It is antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties (killing microorganisms or stopping their growth). Lauric acid has a slower metabolization process. 

The most inefficient of all MCTs – as it can’t turn into energy as quickly as the others. Hence you can’t find it in a high-quality MCT oil.

Where Can You Find MCT?

The total amount of MCTs present in fatty foods can be seen below. 

Source: USDA Food Composition Databases 

  • Coconut oil (55%)
  • Palm oil (53%)
  • Coconut meat (37%)
  • Coconut cream (20%)
  • Coconut milk (14%)
  • Butter* (8%)
  • Goat cheese (6%)
  • Feta cheese* (4%)
  • Gouda cheese* (3%)
  • Heavy cream* (3%)
  • Cream cheese * (3%)
  • Gruyere cheese* (3%)
  • Cheddar cheese* (3%)
  • Parmesan cheese* (3%)
  • Swiss cheese* (3%)
  • Romano cheese* (2%)
  • Mozzarella cheese* (2%)
  • White cheese* (2%)
  • Dry milk* (2%)
  • Plain yogurt* (0.3%)

(* dairy is best from grass-fed cows)

Health Benefits Of Organic MCT Oil?

1. MCT Oil + Brain

Known as super fuel since your body absorbs MCTs more rapidly than LCTs (long chain triglycerides) that contains more carbons in their fatty acid chains.

With their shorter chain length, MCT directed straight to the stomach and liver – it does not need bile to break down like other longer chain fats do.

When MCT oil is consumed, it easily enters the cells to be used as energy –as fuel or stored as body fat.

It is an immediate source of energy. The ketones pass through the blood-brain barrier, making them a convenient source of energy for brain cells.

Other additions of how brain function can be improved are;

-Memory and overall brain health of people with brain problems will be improved. 

MTCs that are converted to ketones will be beneficial to manage epilepsy and reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

2. MCT Oil + Weight Loss

It is very common that people who want to stay fit will switch to healthier replacement of their diets. Here is how MCT oil used as a replacement will help with your weight loss journey.

-Peptide YY and lepin: two hormones that promote the feeling of fullness are shown to be increased with MCT oil.

-People who take two tablespoons of MCT oil as part of breakfast will eat less food for lunch.

-Another fact about MCT oil is it has 10% fewer calories compared to other oil. With that it is a healthier choice for anyone who wants to get fit.

-MCT oil is an instant source of energy making your body to not store fat unnecessarily.

-Taking MCT oil will help you stay in a fat burning state called ketosis.

3. MCT Oil + Immune System

Lauric acid found in coconut oil might be inefficient to be used as an energy source but it has powerful antibacterialantiviral, and antifungal abilities.

MCT oil can also function as a powerful microbial to kill off pathogenic bacterial infections and to promote a healthy microbiome balance.

4. MCT oil + Exercise 

Research shows that high-intensity exercise can be done longer by taking MCT-rich food like coconut.

5. MCT oil + Blood Sugar

People with blood sugar issues should opt to MCT oil or MCT rich-foods since it has the ability to increase insulin sensitivity thus, reverse insulin resistance and improve overall diabetes risk factors.

6. MCT Oil + Liver

MCT fats in coconut will protect the gastrointestinal system and liver, also to reduce fatty liver disease by reducing toxin buildup in the liver.

So Where Can You Start?

One famous way to get MCT benefits is by taking supplements.

Perhaps you can start taking coconut oil.

You can start including MCT in your diets by using coconut oil. According to the USDA Food Composition Database, the total amount of MCTs present in coconut oil is 55%.

Start safe by controlling the dosage by having it a teaspoon a day and gradually increase your intake to get you accustomed.

RVCOMS Solutions – Virgin Coconut Supplier here to help you get started.

You’ve read the benefits of MCT, now you should know the MCT in coconut oil is a superfood for you.

Organic coconut oil has at least 10 health benefits.

Some of which linked highly due to its MCTs content.

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