23 Product Ideas to Kickstart Your Private Label Business

23 Product Ideas to Kickstart Your Private Label Business

Looking for selling physical products? You might want to have a private label brand.

This is how top e-commerce brands rake in 8-figures sales with private label products. You can do it too.

This guide will help you choose several product ideas to be added to your products inventory.

What is Private Label?

Private label products refer to products manufactured by one company and sold under another company’s brand.

As a retailer, you can specify everything about the product. It includes the ingredient, packaging as well as the label. You can pay to have it produced and delivered to your store.

By filling your shelves with products featuring your own brand name, you have advantage in many ways.

It includes:

– Having control over production

– Pricing

– High adaptability to the market demand

– Branding

– Revenue stream

How to Start Your Private Label Business

It is not as complicated as you think. True, starting a business is risky but make sure it is well-calculated risk.

To start this business, you only have to follow these 10 steps:

1.Do research on the niche market

2. Identify the products that you think can sell

3. Search for potential competitors on the internet

4. Assess your budget, whether you can cover up-front manufacturing costs

5. Find a reliable private label manufacturer

6. Design your brand elements

7. Order your first batch of product

8. Plan and execute marketing strategies for your products

9. Launch your website

10. Engage with customers and find ways to improve the next batch of products

Which One to Choose; White Label, Private Label or Wholesale

Now, it is important to note the differences between these terms.

Otherwise, you might tangle yourself in confusion to decide which e-commerce business models you want to choose.

White label

It is when you take a company’s product and put your brand on it.

You are directly selling a product that is developed and controlled by someone else.

Private label

It is when you pay a manufacturer to produce a product according to your specifications.


It is when you resell the products from another brand that you purchased in bulk.

23 Product Ideas to Kickstart Your Private Label Enterprise

As a guideline for you to embark your journey on private label enterprise, these are 23 products you can start right away.

Apparel and Accessories

1.Yoga pants for women

2. Hiking boots women

private label boots

3. Tactical backpack

4. Maternity dresses

5. Kid shoes


6. Cheese crispy snack

7. Organic baby food

8. Matcha green tea powder

9. Gluten-free snacks

10. Keto snacks

Health Supplements

11. Vegan protein powder

12. Detox tea

13. Women supplements

14. Testosterone booster for men

15. Turmeric curcumin

private label

16. Virgin coconut oil

private label

Get your own brand of virgin coconut oil from RVCOMS.

Beauty Care

17. Hair growth shampoo

18. Beard oil

19. Hair mask

20. Mechanical hair dryer

private label

21. Hair growth vitamins

private label

22. Organic hair conditioner

private label

Customize your label on organic hair conditioner, with virgin coconut oil from RVCOMS.

23. Lip balm

private label

Launch your very own label of lip balm infused with virgin coconut oil from RVCOMS.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Supplier (RVCOMS)

RVCOMS is a company that supplies genuine virgin coconut oil to produce your products.

We provide a white label for manufacturing virgin coconut oil products. You can customize the products according to your preferences and specifications.

Now, you can have your own brand of virgin coconut oil products and benefit other people.

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