RBD Coconut Oil

RBD Coconut Oil is known as Refined Bleached Deodorized Coconut Oil it is a an oil that come from copra or dried coconut kernel by heated hydraulic expeller press, and then it will be refined to remove impurities and bleaching will be conducted. It is not suitable for consumption yet because it contains contaminants and must be refined with further filtering and heating. RBD coconut oil also is one of the purest and best due to the bleaching and deodorization process to remove its distinctive odor and flavor..  It is one of the popular choices ever known.

RVCOMS Sdn. Bhd. did not use chemical solvents to extract as much oil from the meat as other brands. Our coconut oil are not added any preservatives.  

“Explore the benefits from the tree of life”

Discover the potential benefits from the tree of life. Contact us to know more on the health benefits of coconut by-products and business potential.


The RBD Coconut Oil are stable in high temperature and its smoking point are at staggering of 230 degree Celsius. Align with Malaysian culture that uses rbd palm oil as cooking oil, the characteristics of our RBD coconut oil did not have any aroma or taste so the coconut taste would not interfere with the flavouring of the foods.

Furthermore, coconut oil is ideal for stockpiling and storing for long periods of time, making it great for the hospitality and catering industry, and the beauty industry where stockpiling or stock keeping may be needed. The shelf life of a RBD Coconut Oil is 24 Months.

The high levels of MCFA component of Lauric and Caprylic Acid inside RBD coconut oil, make it a perfect choice for cooking since these Fatty Acids are known to fight inflammation caused by unstable polyunsaturated fatty acids the MCFA also are not ready to be stored as fats inside the body. Making them a healthier oil to prepare food with. The MCFA component are more or less are the same as Virgin Coconut Oil.


Our RBD coconut oil also great in popping popcorn, because of its characteristics to withstand high temperature, the best nutrition you can get and the best healthier choice to increase health benefit. We also provide, Massage oil, Cooking oil and also for cosmetics private label.

RBD Coconut Oil also has many health and beauty applications. It can be used for improving bad acne, moisturizing facial and body skin, lip balm, makeup remover, face washing, treating skin conditions, as a shampoo, and even to increase oral health. RBD Coconut Oil also are multipurpose in beauty industry.

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