RBD Coconut Oil: The Complete Guide You’ll Ever Need

RBD Coconut Oil: The Complete Guide You’ll Ever Need

Coconut oil is the healthiest oil on Earth. Fact. 

Even better when it is refined.

This is going to be another one of your Coconut Oil 101.

If you have never heard of RBD coconut oil, then you don’t want to miss this!

Coconut oil, as we all know, has many benefits when infused in your daily life through the application, cooking and many other ways.

With the variety of types of coconut oil, you’re sure to not be certain of which to go for, subject to what you’re using it for. 

Coconut oil could come in refined, unrefined, virgin, crude, pure, raw, solid and liquid.

Today we’re highlighting and distinguishing RBD coconut oil.

What is RBD Coconut Oil?


RBD from the name is an acronym describing how the oil is processed- Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. 

In other words, coconut oil goes through these 3-step processes to become RBD.

How do you process a regular coconut oil into RBD coconut oil?

Oil is extracted from the copra. The oil is filtered and bleached. It is then heated to a high temperature, which deodorizes the oil and kills germs. 

Any remaining free or mono fats are then removed by adding sodium hydroxide.

What are the differences between refined and unrefined coconut oil?

coconut oil for food

Both refined and unrefined coconut oil offer benefits for sure. 

The differences would be noticeable in terms of taste, smell, nutritive value and ramifications. 

We’ve made it easy for you to differentiate refined and unrefined coconut oil. Below are the differences between the two:

a. Process

Refined = more processed

Unrefined = less processing

b. Smoke point

Refined = Higher smoke point, for medium heat cooking & baking

Unrefined = Lower smoke point, for sauteing, stir-frying, etc

c. Application

Refined = Beauty applications

Unrefined = Frying purposes

d. Nutrient

Refined = Less nutrient from processing, fewer bacteria

Unrefined = More nutrient, probably bacterial

e. Taste/ flavor

Refined = Milder taste

Unrefined = Coconut flavor is strong.

f. Bleaching

Refined = Bleached through bleaching clay.

Unrefined = No bleaching, ‘wet milling’ process.

g. Shelf life

Refined = Longer

Unrefined = Shorter

h. Price

Refined = Cheaper

Unrefined = Pricier

RBD coconut oil uses

We are all crazy about beauty stuff and being beautiful. 

Jackpot! Refined coconut oil is more suitable for beauty applications, though it can be used for medium heat cooking too. 

This miracle oil will make you go “blood type: coconut oil.”

1. For cooking, baking, pastries and food processing

coconut shake

RBD coconut oil has a mild taste so when it is added to your food, it gives a nutty (not too strong) but sweet flavor. 

Just add to your coffee, smoothie, popcorn, anything! You might also want to swap your butter with this.

2. For cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes

coconut oil for beauty

It’s the moisturizing effect is real. Apply to your skin or hair and be impressed by the result.

This coconut oil can also be used as a massage oil or be infused in balms, lotions and soaps.

coconut oil soap

3. For inner health

RBD coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). 

MCT is proven to be able to boost metabolism. 

MCT is also often used as a supplement in a keto diet plan for it allows us to eat more carbohydrates as it turns into ketones. 

RBD coconut oil manufacturer

The Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Supplier (RVCOMS) manufactures and supplies genuine virgin coconut oil, RBD coconut oil, crude coconut oil and MCT oil.

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Because we manufacture coconut oil, we offer bulk orders with lower prices for all of our coconut oil.

You can get RBD and maybe MCT too. Double dose!

Get the best quote of bulk or private label RBD Coconut Oil from RVCOMS Sdn. Bhd here.

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