Stop Overusing Hand Sanitizers, Try This Instead

Stop Overusing Hand Sanitizers, Try This Instead

There are several hand sanitizers that you can use to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

With several choices in the market, it is vital to know which hand sanitizer works best. Sometimes killing 99.9% germs claim is unjustifiable without the right ingredient to protect ourselves.

This article will also explain how some people may develop hand sanitizer resistance.

Let’s get right into it.

How Does Hand Sanitizer Works?

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If you apply hand sanitizer on your hand, it is more likely to reduce the amount of germs. 

Have you ever wondered why we have been told that hand sanitizer is mostly made up from alcohol but one does not look, smell or feel like one doctor in hospital use for tools cleaning?

In fact, hand sanitizers such as antibacterial sanitizer Dettol are made from alcohol such as ethanol, N-propanol and isopropanol.

The substance acts as an active ingredient, which only contains around 70% in hand sanitizers to dissolve the outer coating of viruses and bacteria and kill them.

The concentration of rubbing alcohol is effective in killing because it contains a little bit of water on it, as it improves penetration.

As for the virus, the hand sanitizers work when it disrupts the virus’ outer space cell. Meanwhile, as for the bacteria, it disrupts its cell membranes.

However, the rest of the hand sanitizers’ ingredients are drugstore staples, which sort of like gel-like consistency, softening properties, botanical fragrance and many more. 

However, some people might react poorly to alcohol-based sanitizer due to skin irritation and allergy. 

It is wise to look for products which are gentle on the skin.

Why Are Some People Worry About Hand Sanitizer Resistance?

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Some people are worried about the usage of hand sanitizer as it will lead to antibiotic resistance. 

Bacteria cannot develop ultra-strong proteins to get off by alcohol, so you should not worry about keeping your hands free from germs by squirting sanitizers on your hands.

However, you should know that it won’t help to come off the dirt from your hands easily, including removing harmful chemicals, such as pesticides and heavy metals.

Remember that hand sanitizers work best when it is a combination of a hand-washing regimen, so you need to wash your hand with soap and clean water.

If soap and water are not available at the time, then hand sanitizer is an option. Ensure to get an alcohol-based sanitizer which contains 60% alcohol.

The Ingredients

Hand sanitizers are marketed as an alternative option for hand washing, especially when there is no soap or clean water around.

It comes with different forms, including gels, foams, and liquid. 

It is an applicable portable skin product, as you need to rub the sanitizer onto your skin without adding water to rinse.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, hand sanitizer in Malaysia becoming a hot commodity.

We must aware that hand sanitizer contains alcohol-based active ingredients such as isopropanol, ethanol, thickening agents, glycerine, essential oils and fragrance. 

Killing 99.9% of Germs

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You may have heard about how a manufacturer claims its product can kill 99 percent of germs when tested on inanimate surfaces.

However, it is far from the truth. The sanitizer alone can’t curb the germs and viruses. It is consistent hand washing is crucial to slow the growth and the spreading of the viruses.

With that in mind, let’s learn how to apply hand sanitizers on your hand properly: 

First, apply the product on one of your palm hands (according to a certain amount you want to).

Then, rub the sanitizer all over the surface of your hands until your hands are dry. That’s it.

Washing Hands Is Still Important

The demand for hand sanitizers in Malaysia soared during the coronavirus outbreak.

You can see people are stockpiling sanitizers when shopping at groceries and pharmacies, which is unwise and unethical.

However, nothing beats a thorough hand wash with soap and clean water. It is still relevant.

You should know the difference between kill and reduce term. As for hand washing, it helps to lessen the number of germs on your hands, instead directly killing them for you.

True, hand washing with soap is far more effective than applying hand sanitizers, especially when your hands are greasy and oily. 

Make sure to wash your hand at least 20 seconds. 

Wash your hands anytime when you’re about to eat or prepare for a meal, after using the washroom or take out the garbage.

Boost Your Immunity To Fight The Virus

It is imperative to keep our ‘front-end’ health shield intact with face mask and hand sanitizer. However, we must not neglect our ‘back-end’ protector which is an immunity system as it is our last line of defense.

Even if we already had every hand sanitizer in Malaysia, you must not neglect our immunity system.

One way to improve our immunity is by taking healthy foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

For example, virgin coconut oil has lauric acid which is antimicrobial to combat microorganisms such as bacteria and virus.

Besides, caprylic acid in coconut oil is known to fight off yeast overgrowth and bacteria infections.

When you combine hand sanitizer and consuming virgin coconut oil, it has remarkable abilities to help us ward off coronavirus.

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