Top Coconut Water Malaysia Supplier is Here

Top Coconut Water Malaysia Supplier is Here

There are numbers of health benefits to drinking coconut water. A natural isotonic for its rich potassium content – higher than most energy drinks, no wonder it is called “dew from heaven”.

Let’s talk about it and where to get the best coconut water Malaysia supplier.

What Makes Coconut Water Different?

  1. Composition of Coconut Water

Scientific studies demonstrated that coconut water consists of nutrients. 

For instance, glucose, amino acids and a few of electrolytes such as potassium (K), calcium, (Ca) and magnesium (Mg).

The structure physiochemical of PPO and POD enzyme activities are affected by geographical area and a variety of factors.

Composition of coconut water is different for both young (7-9 months) and mature (10-13 months) coconuts.

Although mature coconut has higher protein and pH level, young coconut has higher levels of sugar and total phenolic content compared to mature coconut.

These differences in composition contribute to the results of both effects of the deterioration reactions and the quality aspects of coconut water.

  1. Flavour

The flavour profile of coconut water is based on acids, sugar, phenolic compounds and mineral content. 

Thus, the extraction, formulation and storage of coconut water may also affect the flavour taste.

The coconut that aged between 7 to 9 months, the sugar content is increased as well as it will give out the sweetness taste of coconut water at its maximum. 

This is contrary to mature coconut, from 10 to 13 months, which the sugar contents are its lowest. The taste of coconut water might be less sweet too. 

Both of these are represented by total soluble solids (ºBrix).

Not just that, the acidity of coconut water might decrease along with its maturity while young coconut water will still maintain its increasing sweetness to the limit.

Phenolic content might as well contribute to the overall taste profile of coconut water. 

The phenolic content decreases with the maturity of coconut water which results in mature and young coconut water taste differently.

And, discolouration of coconut water might occur too. 

Leaving fresh coconut water at room temperature of 25ºC might cause it to turn sour, as several oxidative and fermentation reactions occur during the time.

In order to preserve the acceptability of fresh coconut water, you should keep it refrigerated and cool at all times.

  1. Turbidity

Turbidity refers to the degree to which coconut water tends to appear unclear when it reaches its coconut maturity.

Normally it is influenced by total dissolved sugars, proteins, count of microorganisms and other factors.

The multiplication of microorganisms after is left exposed to no control measure might contribute to increasing turbidity of coconut water within hours.

What Are The Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water?

  • Natural Source of Hydration
coconut water malaysia

Coconut water is sweet with a slightly nutty taste. This is also relatively low in calories and carbohydrates.

You may directly drink the fresh coconut drink straight from the green coconut. Simply press a straw into the soft part of the coconut and drink from there.

You may also purchase several bottles of coconut water from any store. 

Ensure you get yourself 100% pure coconut water, no added sugars or flavouring agent. Read the ingredients!

You may also store it chilled in your refrigerator and consume within two to three weeks after you purchased them.

  • Good Source of Nutrients

The juice from coconut water is obtained from the centre of the fresh and green coconut tree, where it is located to nourish the coconut.

Since coconut water is naturally formed in the fruit, therefore it consists of 94% of water and in a small quantity of fat.

It typically comes from young coconut about 6-7 months of age, even though it can also be discovered in mature coconut. It takes about 10 to 12 months to fully mature.

Side note, an average size of green coconut gives about 0.5-1 cups of coconut water.

Coconut water nutrition consists of a good source of fibre, vitamin C and several essential minerals:

Carbs, Fiber, Protein, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium.

  • Treating Diabetes

A study has shown that coconut water can reduce blood sugar levels and strengthen other health indicators in diabetic animals, such as rats.

When diabetic rats are treated with coconut water, it enhances blood sugar level, lower haemoglobin level, reduction in markers of oxidative stress.

Thus, this coconut water eventually blends into a diet program for diabetic people.

With the presence of a rich source of magnesium, it helps boost insulin sensitivity and reduce the level of blood sugar for type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes people.

  • Prevention Against Kidney Stones

Drinking enough plain water is the best choice to avoid kidney stones, but it suggests that drinking coconut water might be even better for you.

Kidney stones are formed when calcium, oxalate as well as other compounds combine to form crystals in urine. 

By drinking coconut water, it helped prevent the formation of stones which adhere to the kidneys and other parts of the urinary tract. 

It also decreases the number of crystals produced in the urine by reducing the production of free radicals that happened due to high oxalate in urine.

  • Contain Anti-Oxidant Properties

Our body metabolism produces unstable free radicals in our body. Having a large number of free radicals may cause stress, damage and risk exposure to diseases.

Based on research studies, coconut water contains antioxidants that alter free radicals in the body, so that it no longer causes damage and is free from any harms.

Meanwhile, a study on a rat with liver damage shows a substantial increase in oxidative stress when it is treated with coconut water compared to rats with no treatment.

In a further study, coconut water was used to treat rats on a high fructose diet. Free radical activity decreased, along with the blood pressure, triglycerides and insulin level.

Is It Really Isotonic?

Coconut drink has become a popular choice of nature’s sports drink among active individuals that are athletes.

The drink is truly a good primary recommendation of fluid intake for athletes that do the extremely high-intensity level of sweat rate exercises.

Coconut water gives plenty of benefits for athletes. 

For instance:

  • Deliver higher concentration of electrolytes, to maintain hydration status and nerve heart, and muscle function.
  • Natural sugar in the drink, low in calorie, to help you from feeling too full and post-workout snack.
  • Deliver enough vitamins that aid in recoveries such as Vitamin C and B vitamins. It builds muscles, new cells and boosts the immune system of the athletes. 
  • Universal water for everyone, since it has been pasteurized, vegan and gluten-free drink product that suits your taste.

A study that was published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercises coconut water rejuvenates body fluids as well as sports drinks and is claimed to be better than plain water. 

However, athletes usually prefer and enjoy more the taste of sports drinks.


In a nutshell, drinking coconut water does provide some health benefits to all of us. It is a good source for you to stay hydrated, cut some sodium, and add potassium to your diet.

Some people do not get enough nutrients, potassium in their daily meal, as they do not consume enough fruit and vegetables. 

Thus, coconut water will be the best drink option and become a saviour of day to help you fill the holes in your nutritional gaps.

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