8 Amazing Places To Buy Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Today

8 Amazing Places To Buy Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Today

It is easy to love natural and organic products.

However, finding the right product for our consumption is hard. There are tons of options available online or offline.

The same goes for coconut oil – the all-natural remedy known for many years.

Here’s a short guide listing where you can get virgin coconut oil Malaysia near you simply and quickly:

Where To Get Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia

1. Grocery Stores 

We’re starting off with the easiest places you can find coconut oil of any kind. That’s right, the grocery stores. 

They’re everywhere and there are many different grocery stores such as:

Jaya Grocer 

jaya grocer store

Fun fact: Jaya Grocer is founded by the Teng family which founded Teng Mini Market and Giant Hypermarket.

Jaya Grocer seems to be the classier supermarket with imported goods and exclusive brands. This is the heaven to find the unusual. 

Yes, the awe-inspiring quality virgin coconut oil Malaysia can be found here!

There are 29 outlets throughout Malaysia. Locate the nearest Jaya Grocer to you here.

Village Grocer 

If you have gone to Village Grocer often, you will know that they have special shelves for expiring goods. 

These goods are being sold at discounted prices- you’ll be shocked to find out that it is sold for 90% less yet is not expiring anytime soon. 

Who knows you’re gonna find coconut oil sold for super cheap on the shelf?

Locate the nearest 19 Village Grocer outlets to you here.


Tesco now has 70 physical stores across Malaysia (as of 2019). 

It is said to be growing even more rapidly, especially after launching online delivery services. 

Groceries without having to spend hours buying it at the store. Better yet, forget loading and unloading the heavy groceries on your own. 

Locate the nearest Tesco to you here or you can shop online at their e-shop here. That’s fun!

Giant Hypermarket 

Giant grew up to 76 outlets in Malaysia. Sadly, more and more Giant stores are closing very soon. 

Perhaps it’s the result of the battle between online shopping and conventional shopping.  

If you like conventional shopping experience, find out the nearest Giant Hypermarket to you here.

2. Drugstores 


In Asia, Watsons stands as the largest beauty care and health care chain store. They have 500 stores across Malaysia.

That’s only in Malaysia, not even the whole of Asia yet. Impressive! The 500th store was opened last March. 

Locate the nearest Watsons to you here or you can visit their website to shop coconut oil online. 


Did you know that Guardian Pharmacy was named as such to reflect the caring and protective nature of the brand?

It’s now Malaysia’s leading pharmacy with 448 outlets across the nation and with the launching of its e-store, it will surely grow more. 

Go to the nearest Guardian here or shop online

3. Cosway

Founded in 2001, Cosway is very huge with a very large selection of products ranging from health and nutrition to even household and car care. 

Membership in Cosway rewards you with redeemable points for vouchers or items. 

It creates a multi-level marketing (MLM) community so maybe you could stock up your coconut oil and profit from it too.

Check out which one of the 60 branches entire Malaysia is nearest to you here or shop online here.

4. Organic shop

Coconut oil falls under organic food too, depending on which kind of coconut oil.

There’s not a better place to find such coconut oil in Malaysia other than at the organic shops. 

The biggest one in Malaysia is BMS Organics which has 40 outlets across Malaysia.

bms organics virgin coconut oil

From promoting healthy-eating to being organic retail and successful venture, BMS Organics is now on the rise. Locate the nearest BMS Organics to you here.

5. Lazada

(coconut oil result page on Lazada)

Lazada, being the number one online shopping and selling platform in Southeast Asia carries a wide selection of products. 

Coconut oil can definitely be found here for sure with many brands and different prices to choose from. 

LazMall carries authentic brands and products so don’t fret! Shop your coconut oil now at Lazada.

6. Shopee

(coconut oil result page on Shopee)

Shopee is a leading online and selling platform in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia.

Shopee trademarks itself with “ Buy and sell in less than 30 sec, anytime, anywhere.”

You’ll find out when you try to buy your coconut oil at Shopee.

7. Lelong.my

lelong.my coconut oil

(coconut oil result page on Lazada)

Lelong.my is the mirror image to eBay, for it was modeled after eBay. 

What makes it different than the other online shopping platforms mentioned in this article is the auction option. 

Thus, on Lelong.my, you can not only buy and sell items, but you can also, bid and auction. You can even create a web store through it. 

Check out their coconut oil here.


virgin coconut oil malaysia supplier

The Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Supplier (RVCOMS) supplies genuine virgin coconut oil to both consumers and producers. 

The belief is that that coconut oil is beneficial not only externally, but internally too and the word should be spread. 

For the international quality standard of coconut oil of affordable prices, head on to RVCOMS’ website to learn more about the coconut oil they have.

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